Friday, May 6, 2016

The current schedule

I wanted to give you all an update on future project, where they stand and a rough idea of release dates. I am currently working on four projects: The second book in Saga of Mystics: Faith of Mystics; another Short Story about the travels of our friends Mickey, Theo, and Brandon (untitled); the revisions on a completed manuscript in Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy called Outcast Days; and, the beginning of a new series (untitled) about live music and angels, the first titled: Gabriel.

I have a lot of stories in my head, and I find I can only work on one for a few hours, before I need to get away from the story and let it recharge. This has me thinking about many different options, and many different narratives. They each have their own style, and voice. Writing them at the same time is a challenge, but one I relish. Stretching myself in this way has been a really great catharsis, and I am thrilled that I am not dry on the story front.

What I generally do is jot down ideas in a creative journal I keep. As plots, scenes and stories evolve, those notes become an outline. When the outline has a certain structure, I begin to write the stories. When I am done, I have three choices: Publish it, Revise it, or Trash it. I have trashed many more stories than I will ever publish. Revising is by far the hardest for me, because when I am done with a story, too much revision makes it a different story. I am having that problem with Outcast Days. The entire structure and background of that narrative has changed, even though the basic framework is the same.

As for release dates, it is hard to say, but loosely the following should hold true:

End of May - Another Short Story for Saga of Mystics
Mid-July (may be earlier, work is going well) - Faith of Mystics (book two in Saga of Mystics)
Early August - Outcast Days
October-ish (very loose, I haven't even fully outlined) - Gabriel
December-February - Book 3 in Saga of Mystics (Still in notes phase)

If that sounds like a lot, it is. but, I have to admit that I love writing. The opportunity to get these stories out, and have you read them, is just a true joy. I hope you enjoy them!

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