Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Book review - Tapasya by David Gilchrist

I suggested this book at Christmas, when I bought it. It looked intriguing, but life got in the way, and I have only just finished it. I give it a solid 5 stars.

World-building must be the most difficult part of being a fantasy writer. To take a blank page, and through a narrative, paint a picture which allows the reader to “see” the world in which a story takes place is amazing. In Tapasya, David Gilchrist shows mastery at world-building. I found it intriguing and delightful to read this story. The tale opens and each page illuminates more of the fabric of this mysterious place and its people. His descriptions gave me detail which allowed me to immerse myself in this story. I could not ask for more from a book. Independent Authors with a good narrative style are difficult to find. David Gilchrist is certainly a treasure in this regard. If you are looking for a fantasy tale to keep you intrigued, and wondering what comes next, get a copy of Tapasya today. You will not be disappointed! 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A little teaser for the upcoming book 4 of the Saga of Mystics

Just thought I would drop a little teaser for the upcoming book four of the Saga of Mystics (Currently titled "Blood of Mystics"). I hope you enjoy:

Kyle stood in the cold, spring air looking directly into eyes he had seen before. It was not only that he recognized the gray, lifeless orbs of any of Jack’s puppets. It was that the face surrounding the eyes was so familiar. It filled him with grief, and more than a little dread. Here he was, once again, ready to face a lifeless adversary, when the real enemy hid in some cavern or wood playing out the game like these dead people were simply pawns. It always struck Kyle how sad these situations were, but never more than when he knew the person he faced. This body was the hollow shell of someone he had known a long time ago, someone he had seen every day at one point in his life. But now, the bloodless skin and gray eyes darted from one side to another furtively. This was not the man he knew. It was merely a meat puppet acting as a sentry on the road south.
            With a sigh of resignation, Kyle willed the light curtain, which surrounded him and kept the rest of the world from seeing him, to fall away. The searching gray eyes instantly stopped, focusing on the man who appeared before him. The dead body stared and let out a cool, dry whisper, “Kyle Ward.”

            Kyle nodded, “Hello, Jack. I just wanted you to know we were back. Get yourself ready, the council will come calling.”

Friday, May 5, 2017


After an early part of the year working on scripts (still working, but need to get back to the real job as a novelist), I am back to work on upcoming novels. I have 6 outlines done and have begun 4 works-in-progress from those. What can you expect? You can expect a couple more books this year, at the very least including the 4th novel in the Saga of Mystics (working title "Blood of Mystics"), a second Kelvin Novel (working title "Kelvin Half Elven"), a new post-apocalyptic series, and few one-offs which are connected to some of my other work.

I envy people who have covers already prepared for their Works-in-progress. I am not that organized. I usually get covers just before the book is released. I need to get better at that because I hear a lot of folks won't read posts like this without a picture. I still want to write something which utilizes Tarot. I don't know anything about the practice, but I love the iconography. I had originally planned to use Tarot cards on the cover of all Mystics novels, but the lack of any use in the story made that problematic.

I want to thank everyone for the kind words and support I have received and the genuine interest in seeing the next step in the Saga of Mystics. I have no plans currently for other Mystics Short Stories, but those may come up if an idea doesn't make it in the final draft of Blood of Mystics.

So, that is my update! I hope you are all having a great Spring. Let me know if you have any questions about the narrative in either current series, and I will answer what I can without spoiling it all. My readers are the best, and I am grateful for all of you!

Age of Mystics is always free!

Hey everyone! The second edition of Age of Mystics is available free on Smashwords now http://bit.ly/2LBcNVZ. New title, fixed some proofin...