Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Recommendation - Tapasya by David Gilchrist

"Broken and close to death, Wist staggers into the walled city on Tapasya and collapses at the feet of a statue commemorating his likeness."

So begins the tale of the amnesiac Wist, and his return to his land and attempts to recover the memories which will help him save it. Compelling and different, with action and suspense, David Gilchrist constructs a world rich in intrigue. 

This Christmas, travel to Tapasya through his words and the mental imagery they provide. You will not be sorry. Available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 or in paperback for $12.50.

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Tapasya (The Redemption of Wist Book 1) by [Gilchrist, David]

Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Recommendation - Holy War by Grant Leishman

Grant Leishman's Second Coming series culminates in Holy War: The Mission of Saving Humanity from the Brink. Grant has woven together the story of the end times with brilliant twists and a comedic flair which is refreshing and relatable.

"The final installment in The Second Coming Trilogy sees JC, his wife Maria and their loyal band of Disciples confront the forces of Evil, in an all-out battle for the minds, hearts and souls of a generation."

It is currently available for only $3.99 on Kindle and is a perfect read this holiday season. If you get an Amazon gift card this holiday season, and want a different take on the end times, you must read this series!

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Holy War (The Battle For Souls): The Mission Of Saving Humanity From The Brink (The Second Coming Book 3) by [Leishman, Grant]

Christmas Recommendation - Fire's Love: revised edition (Book 1 of the Elemental Series)

Alex E. Carey has written a great fantasy romance. "Fire's Love" is the first in the Elemental Series in which a "good demon bad boy falls in love." Like all good fantasy series, Alex has developed a concept which is compelling and engrossing. If Twilight tugged at your heart, Fire's Love is the new book for you!

Available in ebook format for only 99 cents, or you can get it in paperback for $15.99.

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Fire's Love: Revised Edition - a second chance romance, good demon bad boy falls in love (Elemental Series Book 1) by [Carey, Alex E]

Christmas Recommendation - The Heretic's Child by Nyasia A. Maire

Nyasia A. Maire's "The Heretic's Child" is a page-turner, and a fascinating concept. A part of the description reads:

"Throughout humanity's history, a long-lived race known as Rememberers have existed alongside the human race. Created to collect the memories of dying humans and preserve them, Rememberers use the information to counsel the human race and help them avoid the mistakes of their past. "

This is a new idea and one definitely worth the read. Listed on Amazon Kindle for $3.03 and in paperback for $22.99, it is an excellent choice for either a gift, or gift yourself with a read over the holidays!

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Checkout the author's Facebook page at Author Nyasia A. Maire

The Heretic's Child by [Nyasia A. Maire]

Christmas Recommendation - Phoenix by Daccari Buchelli

Hey, friends!

Sometimes, the holidays can be overwhelming. Between our work lives and how increasingly hectic our home lives can be, we can't find the time to decide on something as simple as what book we want to read over the winter. I also remember how wonderful it was as a kid when I received books as presents. This morning I am posting some recommendations (not my books, you know I always recommend those) for either presents, or as a Christmas read. Take a chance and enjoy the read:

Young Adult Fantasy: Phoenix by Daccari Buchelli
Peradon. A world comprised of four seasonal realms, each with a unique form of elemental magic.
When young Reiza has a disturbing vision, the Ruler of the Winter Realm demands the death of a child; the Flame Realm Princess, Violetta.
#ChristmasRecommendations #Fantasybgs 4.5 stars! $1.99 for Kindle or $10.34 for paperback. Get it now:

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