Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Recommendation - The Heretic's Child by Nyasia A. Maire

Nyasia A. Maire's "The Heretic's Child" is a page-turner, and a fascinating concept. A part of the description reads:

"Throughout humanity's history, a long-lived race known as Rememberers have existed alongside the human race. Created to collect the memories of dying humans and preserve them, Rememberers use the information to counsel the human race and help them avoid the mistakes of their past. "

This is a new idea and one definitely worth the read. Listed on Amazon Kindle for $3.03 and in paperback for $22.99, it is an excellent choice for either a gift, or gift yourself with a read over the holidays!

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Get the ebook here!

Checkout the author's Facebook page at Author Nyasia A. Maire

The Heretic's Child by [Nyasia A. Maire]

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