Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Hey, all!

I wanted to give a heads up for the blank blog page.  I am still patiently awaiting artwork, and formalizing some decisions on format and such.  I am 90% ready to get the first book in this series into the hands of readers, but am working to get all of this ancillary bullshit set up first. Wait!  Did I say bullshit?  Well, in fairness, I am actually quite fond of the opportunity to interact with those who enjoy my stories and want to engage more than the words already set to paper (or e-reader, as the case may be).

I like to tell the stories, being primarily a story-teller.  I also love talking about them, and about the ideas that readers have when reading. So, stay tuned for news about the first release: Age of Mystics! I will update as soon as I am all set.


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