Friday, July 8, 2016

General Inspiration

Among the questions which come up regularly, the most common is, "What is your inspiration?" I have written on some specific inspiration previously, but I wanted to get into general inspiration today, and how that relates to my books.

In the mid-1970's, I read H.G. Wells' novel about genetic manipulation, The Island of Dr. Moreau. It is an amazing science-fiction book that illustrates what it means to be human. Like many of the books I enjoy, it illustrates truths about us by showing human beings in a fantastic context. For instance, JK Rowling's Harry Potter books are all about classism. There are many themes covered, but that theme is prevalent on practically every page.

So, what are my books about?  I would argue that is up to the reader to decide. But, for me, they are about family and community. They are about how people act under stress, and what power does to people. So, they are really about what people do when the rubber hits the road (either good or bad). One of the things I have always found fascinating about comic books is their ability to showcase the culture of the day. Books do the same in some ways, but often the longer narrative muddies the water. What is our culture about today? What are its most prevalent themes. I would argue discontent with authority is one. So, I wrote about what people do when there is no authority. What does society do when there is no society?

What themes do you see in our world today? What narrative seeps out of the ooze of our political discourse, and informs your story-telling?

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