Saturday, July 16, 2016

Why is that important?

Yesterday, I posted two chapters from the earliest writing I did on Age of Mystics. Eventually, these chapters did not make it into the book. So, one might ask, Why is that important? What do those chapters matter, they have very little to do with the story and do not illuminate the Event in any way. If you asked that, you understand why I removed them. I thought it was interesting background, but were not really a part of this story.

So, why post them now? While they aren't necessary to the story of Age of Mystics, or any other part of the saga, they were important to me. The scenes played out in these two chapters defined most of the characters for me as I wrote. Eric Fine was an overbearing leader with little concern for the lives of those under his command. Cal Ward would do anything to save his friend and family, and he was an inclusive leader who people liked to follow. Jordan Kane was inquisitive, young, and in awe of Cal. Anthony Johnson and Miles Damiano were two sides of the same coin, but when the Event happens, they go in opposite directions ethically. These were the characters who would play out their experiences in Age of Mystics and beyond. The story is important because it helps me know who they are. So, while it may just be interesting from a reader's point of view, it was imperative from an author's point of view to write this out and to keep it.

As for the timing? I just thought you might like reading it! I hope you did. Cheers!


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